Due to the disturbances in the country from 1983, thousands of children lost their parents and relatives and were rendered refugees and orphans. Of these, we have undertaken from 1988, the huge responsibility of maintaining 75 girls who can pursue education. Similarly there are countless numbers of girls who are waiting to join the home, but due to lack of space and funds it is not possible to increase the in take.

Those 75 children we have admitted, hail from villages in different parts of Sri Lanka. We are able to give them food, clothing, shelter, education, health and medical facilities due to the various assistance received from kind - hearted and generous public. It is no exaggeration that only the Almighty guiding us and maintaining the children.

Charitable Philanthropists

* Try to donate a days meal in an year to these children.
* Consider giving a meal a month.
* It will be good if you can give cloths and educational materials.
* Donate in the names of your deceased family members.
* Try charity on your birthdays.

Donations to the Mangaiyarkarasiyar Mahalir Illam can be made to
A/c No.10506C at the Bank of Ceylon, Batticaloa.

If you need more information on how you could help, please E-Mail

We need your help and we can only ask you. Because we don't have our parents with us to ask!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You For Your Consideration